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Facebook Fame

Do you follow us on Facebook? If not, you should because I update our page daily with with delicious specials from the cafe and new items that are arriving in store. But more on that later. If you don't follow us on Facebook, then you missed our business spotlight last week! Jennifer Crowe, an amazing realtor in this area with United Country Fulford Realty, came in and filmed with me to highlight Alabama Pecan Co. Cafe & Mercantile. Catch the interview below!


Now, back to how you should follow us on social media. You really should but let me tell you why. If you didn't already know or deduce from the interview above, Alabama Pecan is not just a pecan store; we are a restaurant too! I share our bakery items and lunch & dinner specials to our Facebook page daily! Our Instagram contains tons of reels dedicated to highlighting any new products in store and coming to our website. It also has quite a few funny and informational reels that are uploaded weekly. So there is legitimately NO reason not to follow us on social media!



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