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Our Story

Adam and I started The Alabama Pecan Co. in 2017, after realizing that we wanted to create our own business with a product that we truly loved, and that we both were probably a little too wacky to work with any one other than each other.


Boy meets Girl

Adam and I began dating in 2015. He was finishing up a long standing career with Chick-fil-a, and I was finishing up my degree while being a single mom. We were both immediately head over heels for each other. 

Sticking Together

After two years of long distance dating, we were married in 2017, and began life as a family. Two months later, we found out our family was expanding and five months later, we created The Alabama Pecan Co. 

married us.jpg

Growing Together

It was during those first few months of marriage that we saw that the pecan accumulation business, owned by my father and close family friend, needed to have a retail side. Starting a business together during our first year of marriage, with two children in tow, had a few learning curves but we loved every minute.

It's been four years since we started this journey and we have enjoyed every minute of it; and we feel that 2021 will be our best year yet! We have big plans for this year, including: expanding our product lines (we think you'll love the new ideas we have), opening our first brick and mortar store (we can't wait to have a place of our very own), and starting a cafe (Adam can't wait to be back in the restaurant game). We want to share each of these moments with you!

To take a look at some of our fresh pecans and homemade candies, visit our online store!

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