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What's the deal with Pecan Meal?

Between you and me, I giggled a little when I came up with the title of this post. Which only proves how mature I am, but I digress. So, what is the deal with pecan meal?

Pecan Meal is actually created during the shelling process. During the shelling process, the pecan shells are cracked so that we can extract the beautiful pecan that is waiting inside. But sometimes instead of coming out as a perfect pecan half, it gets broken up and crushed. The resulting product is the start of pecan meal. The crushed up pecans are then ground down into a uniform consistency. The end result is a delicious meal that still contains all of the benefits of raw pecans, gluten free, vegan, and contains over 19 vitamins and minerals. It is a phenomenal flour substitute in gluten free baking, protein add-in for smoothies, crunchy topping for baked mac-n-cheese, really the possibilities are endless.

Checkout some of our Pecan Meal recipes:

Just to name a few.


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