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DIY Pecan Flour

Updated: Aug 19, 2020

There is nothing not to love about pecan meal! It's low carb, keto friendly, gives recipes a mild, nutty texture, and contains all the vitamins and minerals found in raw pecans. But sometimes it can be a little grainy. Solution? Make your own pecan flour. It's simple, quick, and a heck of a lot cheaper than buying other flour substitutes!

Fresh Pecan Flour - Flour Alternative

Most flour substitutes available online (almond flour, oat flour, coconut flour, etc.) start around $18 for one pound. But with a food processor and ten minutes of time, you can make your own flour substitute for much cheaper and have the option to make it as fine or as course as you would like it to be. This recipe is for a one to one ration, meaning if you processes one cup of pecan meal, you will be left with one cup of pecan flour.


Pecan Flour

Time: 10 minutes

Items You'll Need:

- Food Processor

- Pecan Meal

- Rubber Spatula


1. Make sure your food processor is fitted with the blade attachment

2. Measure one cup of pecan meal into food processor

3. Pulse the pecan meal 10x and then scrape down the food processor bowl

4. Repeat step three, 3 to 4x until desired consistency is reached

5. Store in an airtight container until ready to be used

Tips & Tricks

- If you want a very fine flour, strain the meal through a mesh sieve after step three. This will allow the fine meal to fall through the sieve and let you dump the more coarse meal back into the food processor and continue the process.

- As you process the pecan meal down into flour, the color will become darker. Don't worry about this, it is perfectly normal.

- Once the meal has been ground down into flour, you won't notice any difference in consistency between pecan flour and traditional flour.

- Be sure that you only pulse the meal and not leave the food processor running or you'll have pecan butter...which is never a bad thing, but not exactly what we're going for!

- You can make pecan flour in a blender but it needs to be a very high powered blender and make sure that you move the meal around frequently...believe me, I know.


To make your own pecan flour, click here to check out all of our pecan meal options. Our meal starts at $13.95 for a one pound bag and as always, comes with free shipping!


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